Why choose us?

At Hounds Home from Home we love every dog who stays with us.  We offer a bespoke service.  Getting to know your dog is important.  Dogs have their 'own way', just like humans, and we get to understand this.  We know where they like to be tickled, where not to touch them, what type of things they like to play with best as we take the time to do this.

We are always willing to listen to you, their owners, as you, of course, know them best.

Boarding & Daycare

Before your dog stays with us we like to get to know him/her and you.  We will arrange an initial meeting, at our cost, where we will take details of your dog and their usual routine, specific requirements and any quirks. 

If your dog is coming for a holiday, we request that they come for a one day stay then one overnight stay prior to the holiday to ensure they are happy and feel settled with us. 

Further details of daycare and boarding are below.


If your dog stays with us during the day we have a daily schedule. 

Once all dogs have arrived for the day it is long walk time.  This is usually about an hour in length.  If you have told us that your dog does not, or cannot, do long walks we can cater for this. 


On return the dogs usually like to relax but they can play in the garden or have a cuddle with us.


Our second, shorter walk of c 30 minutes, is usually around 3-4pm.


Once home again, it can be play time, nap time and dinner time until they are collected.  We have all sorts of toys and agility items they find fun.


When your dog returns home you will find they have had a lovely day but are extremely tired and may just want to go to bed!


Boarding is when we really get to know your dog.  We love finding out their little quirks, what makes them happiest and particularly giving cuddles!


Dogs who board with us follow the same schedule as the day care dogs.  In the evening we are usually found either cuddled up on the sofa (only if they are allowed!) in the living room, or outside in the garden in the summer.


We can make a provision for wherever your dog feels happiest sleeping.  Whether this is in a room on their own, with other dogs or in a room with one of our family.




Licenced by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council:  

Licence held by John Heaslip

LIcence no:  AW015





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